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Children With Special Needs Should Never Be Excluded From The Playground

special needs swing

But sometimes, or in fact, many times, these things cannot be helped, or so the excuses, public and private go. Publicly, and particularly not at public schools, not enough space and provision has been made for children with special needs, never mind the adults. Children with special needs are basically your kids who have been categorized as disabled, or physically and/or mentally challenged. Now, if many of these children have the same mental capacity, if not better, than so-called normal or average children, why should they be excluded from the same public schools.

And yet that is what is happening in many parts of the world. But at least in some parts of the world, they have got things right. Privately, whether at schools or in the family yard, adults are at least in the independent position of going right ahead and installing a special needs swing on behalf of those special needs children. In private practice, concerned teacher and parent body groups at least have the freedom of thought and financial power to do what is right for the children.

The process unfortunately never remains so cut and dried at the public administration level. Rather than cut the tape at the opening ceremony of a new special park for special kids, public administration officials, from top to bottom, have a minefield of red tape to burrow and grovel through. A special needs swing comes fully equipped with protective harnesses which allow a physically disabled or challenged child to be comfortably strapped in to the swing, just like a normal, average child would.

In any case, and in all cases, whether specially protected or not, children, all of them special, should be closely watched over by the adults.