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5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Cozier

If you want to make your kitchen a cozier place to work and relax in, try starting with the following five items.

1: Better Lighting

Top on the list is better lighting. If your kitchen seems dark, it isn’t going to appear cozy and friendly. If you have an alcove, try brightening it with kitchen nook lighting. You could also opt for stronger light bulbs, installing a skylight, or pulling back the curtains on existing windows.

2: A Place to Sit

The kitchen is the center of the home, and a lot of demanding work is done there. Break up the lengthy periods of standing with a place to sit. This could be a small kitchen table, or perhaps some bar stools pulled up to a kitchen island.

3: Homey Décor

Having a theme to your kitchen can make it feel cozier, versus a bunch of mismatched items which can simply seem cluttered. Choose something traditional or bright. Your theme could be roosters, rustic, or revolve around a specific color theme. You could even opt for a café theme.

4: Clear Those Countertops!

kitchen nook lighting

Creating a more homey, relaxing atmosphere could be as easy as clearing your countertops. Many homes have a lot of clutter, which has been psychologically linked to increased levels of stress along with decreased levels of productivity. Most of your appliances can be tucked beneath your counters, and you can do away with excessive decorative items.

5: Cozy Rugs

The kitchen should be tile, laminated flooring, or hardwood, as there is the potential for a lot of spilled water. But you can break up this monotony with cozy floor rugs. Not only do they provide a soft place for bare feet, but they also help in keeping spill-prone areas safe to walk in – without fear of slipping.